Aïdi's unique flair

Aïdi is the software for construction project management, specifically designed for the project owners in the public and private sectors. By bringing Aïdi into your organization, you will implement the best project management practices adapted to your craft.

Ever wished you could clone yourself?

For construction project managers, Aïdi is the next best thing! When you're using an Excel spreadsheet, it can be tough keeping on top of everything that's happening at the different sites you're in charge of, but with Aïdi, it all becomes incredibly easy!

The log book is a collaborative tool that gives you an at-a-glance look at how each of your projects is progressing. Plotted out on a chronological timeline, you can review project milestones, as well as insert and access photos, notes, and pertinent weather info.

Notes and comments

Aïdi Notes and comments

Aïdi’s notes and comments tool lets you record construction site activities using charts, lists, and other detailed models. You can add as many accompanying photos as you like to each note, which will automatically be appended with geolocation and meteorological data. And your collaborators can add their own comments, giving you a complete picture of what’s happening and when.

With Aïdi, you won’t miss a beat

Aïdi Construction Log Book

The log book acts as a centralized location that all your team members can access in order to follow along with everything that’s happening at a given construction site. Plus, in addition to housing your notes and photos, Aïdi automatically adds entries to the log that catalogue the various aspects of project management that you’ve completed, including the addition of new budgets, contract adjustment approvals, critical next steps, budget overage predictions, etc.

All key players, united!

Aïdi Construction Log Book Word PDF Excel

The log book can be shared not only within your organization, but also externally. From clients, to contractors, to professionals, you’re free to include everyone who has a role in the success of a project.

Whenever desired, produce daily, weekly, or monthly reports that compile all the data from the features listed above, in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

You’ve just received the latest invoice from the contractor. Can you pay it risk-free?

Forget the usual hassles involved. Aïdi helps you to quickly determine if you have received all acquittances you need, and if you’ve got enough funds in reserve to pay the invoice, before moving forward with the payment.

Managing subcontractors and suppliers

Aïdi Subcontractors Suppliers Users

Managing declarations of protection can get complex, especially when you’re dealing with multiple tiers of contractors and suppliers.

Happily, Aïdi automatically prioritizes any declarations of protection, so that you can quickly take care of the necessary followups.

Simplified followup on payment clearance letters

Aïdi Invoice Receipts

About to process an invoice? Aïdi limits your risk exposure by showing you which payment clearance letters you’ve received, and if there are any you may still be waiting on. This way, you’ll always have an up-to-date picture of where you stand with the payments that are protected based on the terms of the contract.

Protection of declaration report

Aïdi Declarations and Discharges

This report makes it a breeze to monitor and follow up on the payment notices related to each of your contractors. It takes into account the agreed-upon quote amount, payment clearance letters received, any payments that have been withheld, and the payments already issued.

Just another example of how Aïdi drastically simplifies the parts of your job that can normally feel like a headache.

Did you know that more than 60% of construction project costs are unplanned?

For this reason, it’s incredibly important that you have the data you need to back up your budget allocations (and your other project-related decisions) to your team. By intelligently categorizing your extra costs as they arise, Aïdi takes the stress out of justifying unplanned expenditures.

Quickly find the specific reason for changes to the original construction plan & budget

Aïdi Budget Planning

With Aïdi’s automatic reporting on your side, you can rapidly identify the cause for each change made during a project - whether it stemmed from an error, architect’s omission, something to do with construction site conditions, or a specific demand from a building occupant.

The industry’s most robust “Track Changes” tool

Aïdi Change orders Tracking Tool

Each change order follows an approval process. Once approved, Aïdi links it to the contractor's contract, either increasing or decreasing the amount. This allows you to keep track of all the changes made to the contract, start to finish.

Provision and contingency control

Aïdi Provision and contingency control

The budget for every construction project includes a “reserve”, set aside to cover unexpected contingencies. These unplanned-for costs usually represent 10% of the amount of the contract. Aïdi helps you to keep a watchful eye over your contingency reserve, continually showing you how much of it you have left to draw from in comparison to the total cost of project advancement.

Seeing that you’ve used up 80% of the reserve, when only 10% of the work has been completed, is rarely a good sign. Aïdi gives you the chance to rectify the situation before it gets out of control.

Pop quiz: how much will you spend monthly over the next year?

Aïdi helps you to confidently answer your Finance Director’s toughest questions - no guesswork required.

Thanks to Aïdi’s interactive graphics, it’s never been easier to predict costs month by month, as well as track the evolution of your current expenditures.

Intuitive real-time and predictive modeling

Aïdi Intuitive real-time and predictive modeling

Aïdi presents you with interactive graphics that let you view visual models and graphs of actual and future expenses, month by month. You can even simulate your expenses month by month, allowing you to monitor every aspect of how a project is advancing, cost-wise.

And Aïdi’s graphs show you your expenses in real time, empowering you to make adjustments to the projects that you’re managing as you go.

A robust archive of all your projects

Aïdi Robust archive projects

They say history is our best teacher. That’s why Aïdi automatically saves all your monthly data simulations, as well as giving you the opportunity to manually save any one-off models you create as you work with the software. Just log in to view previous versions of all your simulations, or to compare your projections to what’s happening now on your active construction sites.

Aïdi’s notes tool also lets you save messages that you’ve added to the system, and view them later for future reference and analysis.

Consolidated reports

Aïdi Consolidated reports

Ready to get creative? Effortlessly produce spending projection reports based on whatever parameters fit your needs: by project, for a set of projects, by region, by type of project, etc.

All reports are fully customizable, and can be shared via email with the click of a button.

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